An Introduction to Tactical Data Links

This Foundation level guide introduces some of the basic concepts of Digital Data Links (DDLs) and discusses the value of these techniques to military applications and examines some of the DDLs that have been used by the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) to support tactical operations during the last few decades.


Although some DDLs have been developed specifically for strategic and other

uses, this book focuses on those systems which can be defined as Tactical

Data Links (TDLs).


If you would like to purchase a hard copy of this manual, please contact us here.


A must-read for those new to the world of TDLs or those wanting the essential basics all in one place.


Tactical Data Link IO Test Help Sheet

We are offering readers a handy TDL Interoperability Test Help Sheet for your office wall or desk.  The template is designed to support you through TDLIOT initiatives by guiding you through tasks during the weeks running up to a formal test event taking place.  To use the wheel, input the specific dates in the inner wheel and then simply follow the instructions clockwise from 12 o’clock in sequence, reading the time line from the corresponding inner wheel.


A top 10 list of test commandments is attached to ensure you make the maximum use of the resource.  Use the sheet to release the full potential of your test initiative.


We are pleased to be able to offer access to the TDL IO Test Help Sheet and other useful resources, via our Defence Community Portal.  For more information about registration and our Portal, click here.


A printable guide for those who need readily available TDL information.



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