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TDL Technology, SyntheSys’ biannual publication, offers a collection of inspired articles about all aspects of Tactical Data Link (TDL) implementation, integration and management.  The magazine aims to highlight current global development and unveils new technologies within the industry.  TDL Technology is aimed at a variety of personnel who are interested in TDLs and related technology.


Latest Issue: Autumn 2018

Flying High - Shaping the Future of Drones in UK Cities


SyntheSys is delighted to have been involved in the high-profile development of the latest Industrial Strategy United Kingdom Research and Innovation Flying High project and subsequent Nesta report.


Urban drone operations from the provision of security and support for emergency services to 'last mile' mail and commercial deliveries are being developed throughout the world.


This article discusses this interesting application of data link philosophy within the Smart Cities construct.

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Today's Complex and Interwoven Multi-Link Environment


Tactical Data Links (TDLs) have been developed, purchased and brought into service in a piecemeal way and so there has, until recently, been no overall implementation plan to ensure interoperability of TDLs fitted to various platforms.


The result is that it is very rare to operate only one TDL in one theatre of operations.  Usually, there are several different TDLs operating simultaneously, which can be a problem if not planned carefully.


This article looks at this problem in the context of a four-dimensional environment and describes how each dimension should be considered during initial planning and on-line management stages of network operation.

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Commemorate, Celebrate, Inspire


April 1 1918 witnessed the formation of the Royal Air Force (RAF), the world's first independent air force.  The enduring theme for the RAF100 celebrations has been to commemorate the service and sacrifices of the past century, celebrate the highly capable force of today and inspire the next generation of RAF personnel.


Following 25 years of regular service, SyntheSys expert Kate Chandler has been honoured, as a RAF Reservist, to play a part in a range of events marking the RAF centenary in Wales as part of the RAF100 contingent.

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More From TDL Technology

Next Generation Tactical Data Link Systems Engineering Tools


This article looks at some of the current challenges and complexities with current Tactical Data Link (TDL) implementations and Support Tools and introduces the SyntheSys vision for the future.

System Wide Information Management


Strategic data links deliver the integrated capacity for the provision of an additional secure, independent method of communication between air traffic controllers and aircraft, but how?  And what is the Single European Sky?

Viasat: Multi-Channel Link 16 Terminal


Viasat contributes to our community forum in Issue 6 with a feature on the Multi-Channel Link 16 Terminal for size, weight, and power-constrained platforms.

Why and How is Variable Message Format (VMF) so Adaptable?

We look at the 'magic behind the curtain' and explore VMF from both an operational and technical perspective.

Bundeswehr: Lt. Col. Volker Schaaf talks TIMBER EXPRESS

During 2017, the exercise TIMBER EXPRESS 2017 was conducted.   Lt. Col. Volker Schaaf explains the details of the exercise in this riveting read.

Dutch Patriot Provision


A success story which illustrates how close coordination between military and civilian international organisations can lead to results far exceeding initial expectations, culminating in an optimal service for front line combatants.

Network Design for Link 22


Can an operator strengthen or weaken a Link 22 network?  The answer is ‘Yes’ but it is complicated.

'Ski' talks Surveillance Time Slots


How many surveillance Time Slots should I request for a C2 JTIDS/MIDS Unit on a Link 16 network?  All the answers explained.

Synthetic Training for Sea King


Synthetic training for the Sea King Airborne Surveillance and Control of 849 Naval Air Squadron took a huge leap forward as the squadron participated in a ground-breaking training event.


Image: Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.

Maximising the Potential of Rig to Rig Trial involvement

What practical steps can be taken to ensure the most is made out of platform participation in a rig to rig trial?

Interoperability assurance with Swedish defence material administration


SyntheSys adds value to the Swedish Defence Material Administration with test support.

Standards conformance testing: Application to VMF

What does standards conformance testing look like for VMF?  In this article we explore how it can be applied effectively.

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